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Happy Birthday America!

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

OUR MISSION: Your Home Loan.

As an active duty or retired military service member you're entitled to exclusive mortgage benefits, just as it should be!

Let us help you get into the home you've always wanted. All with special mortgage terms and with the high level of extraordinary service you're accustomed to from Eric, Kristen & Ron at Macro Financial Group.

How does this sound- buy a home and finance it through Macro Financial Group and we”ll pay for your appraisal! **

Service members and veterans deserve perks like No Down Payment, Low Interest Rates, and elite pricing for service members with FICO scores at 640+. You already know we can help you from start to finish: listing and selling your current home, finding the new home that fits your expanding needs, and most importantly, staying within your budget.

Call us today and we can start your journey into that dream home you deserve. Really, why should you wait?

** Appraisal costs will be reimbursed upon finance closing through Macro Financial Group to the borrower(s). Buyer is responsible for appraisal costs up front.


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