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We Got Game

We love Denver! Seriously, every one of us here at Macro loves Denver, and especially Denver Sports. Heck, our IT guy moved to Florida and came back because he missed the Broncos......don't IT guys usually avoid sports and any active activity for video games and Comic-Cons?! We're just kidding Gabriel #sorrynotsorry .

Macro Financial works as hard as anyone in the industry to get fellow Colorado-ans and transplants who love this place like we do into the home of your dreams. On YOUR terms. Because we work as hard as we do we've been known to catch a game or 2 around town. You won't see us in Macro Financial gear because we don't want to labeled "those people" even though we just might very well be "those people" but we're ok with that! We also love just about every venue around town and hope you're enjoying this state as much as we do.

Here are some snaps, selfies and self-serving photos of us, our families & friends, and others we've been to games with recently. A couple of us are thankful that today wasn't as cold as the Bronco's - Chief's end-of-the-season game. One of us only made it to halftime and he was the one that brought hand warmers!

Thanks Denver, 2018 will certainly be blessed year for everyone and this city!



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