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Stop the whole rent thing- get into a condo!

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Attention real estate agents AND buyers! We know you want to make life a whole lot easier...

Macro Financial has lenders who offer "limited review condo approvals" which makes everything go much smoother on condo purchases. No need to spend hundreds of dollars for information which can sometimes take weeks to get back, only to find a problem too late to solve. No more seeing that condo you searched high and low for go to someone else or doesn't qualify for that pre-approval.

Let us help you eliminate the pain, lost time & cost(s) you're probably dreading as you read this sentence...thinking about a mortgage doesn't have to be brain splitting!

-Great Low Rates

-Easy, relaxed qualification guidelines

-No more full condo reviews

-Fast Closings (often 30 days or less!)

Call us or email us now for all of the program details (PDF) and why it might be the right solution. We'll do the heavy lifting for you, at least until moving day!


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